The subwoofer enclosure is finished with two coats of white sealing primer and two coats of an off-white cream. The time now is To make the subwoofer more versatile, the driver is connected to a switch which allows the ability to switch between the plate amplifier or binding posts for use with an external amplifier. We’re all in this together! His neighbor has a horse. Ported enclosure systems are much more sensitive to misaligned parameters than sealed enclosure systems, which makes their construction more difficult for the beginning DIYer. From the plot you can see that the actual box tuning with the stuffing and lined walls is about 27Hz.

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Mach5audio MAW10 – Car Audio | | Car Stereo Forum

Disable smilies in text Quote message in reply? The MAW subwoofer is 10″ in diameter and very well built.

At least the drop off isn’t tremendous, so it may come out pretty good given enough cabin gain. Introduction, Driver, Ported Enclosures, Design. Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism. All times are GMT Originally Posted by chad I assume the green plot is the vented response? I assume suubwoofer green plot is the vented response? Mach5audio MAW10 there is just that slight hump you have to tune down in a ported design as shown by the modeling graphs. So let’s try changing the size of the vent to bring the resonance frequency back down again.


BassBox suggests these be in a ported enclosure. Mach5audio MAW10 Yeah, its difficult to judge though, since in car response may show differently. Ok, so you achieved sealed-like sound quality in a sealed config Last edited by BuddahX; at Mach5audio Suwboofer I am running 3, in a common chamber 1.

Activation requires you reply to an email we will send you after you register On completion, the Loudspeaker Wizard screen should look like the image below.

I was going to take the sub out and hook my 10W6V2 back up but it’s really not a bad sub. Toolfan91ran in it a ported enclosure and he seemed to like it.


It’s a Dayton SAB. Originally Posted by bikinpunk Kaw-10 an up late kinda dude. I’m more of a sq guy so I personally lean towards sealed designs in vehicles.

The impedance sweep was generated using the Dayton Audio Woofer Tester 3. Photograph 02 below shows the start of enclosure construction.

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For a nice flush finish the driver is countersunk into the baffle as shown in Photograph The driver has a rubber surround and houses a 2 inch voice coil with vented pole piece, wrapped in a 2. Binding Posts and Switch for External Amplifier. Photograph 07 shows the internals of the subwoofer enclosure.


Prior to installing the driver, fiberglass insulation is subwoofet loosely in the box to provide additional damping Photograph Fiberglass Insulation for Damping.

The change in the response curve is caused by reflections within the box. To fill in the bottom end of my Sealed Bipole with Fostex FEEI decided to design and build a small subwoofer which would mate up with these fantastic sounding fullrange speakers.

The driver can easily soak up all the power that the small plate amplifier can deliver. F3 is still 50Hz, but you can get down to 30Hz with only a -6dB drop till it plummets lower than that. They are just too cavernous.