During the installation, the software prompts you to reconnect your Zune player or phone. If any of the following software appears in the “Add or Remove Programs” window, remove that software from the computer: Also like TheEvilLightBulb mentioned you can skip steps if you are downloading it from my server. The device reboots into Recovery mode content is not erased, allows for firmware reinstall. One Zune will take about 20 giga of info, and then tell me that it is full, despite having told me that it wasn’t going to be even half full when I started the upload. References How to update your Zune device.

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Just found the issue, apparently the zuneprod file was in the wrong place.

How to Uninstall Windows 10’s Built-in Apps (and How to Reinstall Them)

Hi, I am using 30zune the 1st gen. Launch the Zune software once you have the Zune connected to the computer. First, open PowerShell as administrator. Reinstall the Zune software To reinstall the Zune software, click here. This doesn’t seem to be working for me.


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I’ve followed the comments below and still can’t find what’s wrong. Then, click Run in the File Download dialogue box and follow the steps in this wizard. Video of the Day.

It’s great that we are able to keep our erinstall zunes up and running! Windows Mac iPhone Android. The device will enter recovery mode.

To do this, click here. For some reason when I try to add new songs now and try to play them back it says file missing. Are you sure you want to send these items to the Recycle Bin?

I wasn’t sure if it was some kind of custom firmware that provided some other functionality. I tried both ip addresses and no success.

How to Reinstall Zune Firmware

Posted September 28, by Rob Rogers in Zune. Have anyone else seen this? Device will be inoperable until connected to a PC so new firmware can be installed. Do not connect your Zune device to the computer yet Download and Install the Zune Player software https: Last Updated on July 28, Hopefully this helps you guys and it was successful!


Try this community option, zunne. Mine isn’t working either edit – nevermind, it worked after I flushed my DNS another half a dozen times. By using this method, you can reinstall the firmware without deleting your current content. Had to format my Zune 80 and I need to update to get it working again. Do you have any any how can i transfer my files from computer to the device? My account and billing. References How to update your Zune device.

How to Reboot, Reformat, and Restore your Zune device (Now Includes Zune HD)

Provide feedback for this topic. I followed all of these steps exactly and I keep getting met with an error message whenever I open the Zune software.

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