Can you maybe help me to start? Hi Nick, I was wondering if you ever tried to cascade 2 colorduino with the I2c port? I also had to make the changes as Jarda states. So on essence just send 2 displays worth of data. How does it work? Colorduino rear showing pin connections.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your matriix here Then, as new ide, in both sketches, replace Wire. I did not understand this part: Thanks again for a great review and guide and for any help with my inquiry above, Regards, Nick.

I have checked the digital meter output of colorundrio it was only 1. Btw, my name is christine. Hey Nick, Colorduino arrived! Egb on essence just send 2 displays worth of data. Hi Jarda, Sorry to intrude and ask you: I have been playing around with LED and laser circuits for many years now and am really stoked on the Colorduino product.

Im from Germany and if i look in colorduinoo here i understand like nothing: I live in Brixton, London. Thank you for your quik answer. Have you reset the arduino ide to talk to the different chip type?


I dont know what protocol to use collrduino the screens. Thx for your help, karl. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Aloha Would love to be able to run plasma sketch on two or three colordiunos connected together but I need a code example to start with, if anyone feels to help me get started, please my mail is mowbeda optimum.

Colorduino V RGB LED Matrix Driver

Simple circuit theory says that you can combine two current sources in parallel; in your coloorduino, am I right, or am I overlooking something subtle or obvious with this hardware?

How does it work?

Hi Mat, just sent you a mail with the code… sorry for the delay. The Colordunio has the same chip as on an Arduino and you can code it with the Arduino environment. Maybee i find the problem later on…. A green LED on the front of the board indicates power, although it is mostly obscured as g2.0 as you plug the matrix panel in.

Colorduino V1.4 Color Rainbow Matrix RGB LED Driver Shield For Arduino

Mini video wall anyone? So forget the last answer. I have 2 Colorduino and a certain code but do not have this command below; So, how do I do it? Hey, not too sure to be honest, you would be better off asking this in something like the arduino forum or the itead forum if they have one Nick.


Hi, Nick I like to try the I2C control, and download demo code, but it need password to unzip, May I have the password?

Thanks for this site. This can be used for example to adjust the white balance of the display. Could you help me on this?

This allows each Red Green and Blue channel to have an 8 bit colour depth, resulting in a theoretical 16 million possible colours per pixel! Then I added sound detection so it will respond to music. You will need to adapt it to control multiple colorduinos.